Happy New Year — 2021

Who knows what is going to happen in 2021? God does! Praise Him!

LORD Jesus, we praise You for You are a great and loving God. You are infinite, from everlasting to everlasting, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. From the beginning You already knew all about this year, and You are the One who knows what will happen in 2021. You have seen and known us before we were even formed in our mother’s womb. Help us, O God we pray, that we may step boldly into this new year knowing that You have always been, that You are still, and that You will always be sovereign and in control of our days. In Jesus’ mighty name we pray. Amen.

Praise the LORD!
Praise God in His sanctuary;
Praise Him in His mighty firmament!
Praise Him for His mighty acts;
Praise Him according to His excellent greatness!
Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet;
Praise Him with the lute and harp!
Praise Him with the timbrel and dance;
Praise Him with stringed instruments and flutes!
Praise Him with loud cymbals;
Praise Him with clashing cymbals!
Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.
Praise the LORD!

Psalm 150

Matthew Henry comments on this verse that God is to be praised with expressions of joy and that it is every one’s business.

My old pastor, after quoting this psalm, used to say to his congregation: Do you have breath? Are you breathing? Then praise the LORD!

In 2021, continue to study the Word of God, pray for yourself and for others, and take every opportunity to praise the LORD.

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Hope for the Future

Our minds have been occupied by many things during this worldwide pandemic. Will all of this stop eventually and become better some day? Is there hope for our future?

LORD Jesus, we praise You for by You and through You and for You all things were created. You are before all things and in You all things are made up. You are above all powers, dominions, and thrones. You are the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Forgive us, O God we pray, that we so often look to the world for answers. Give us the wisdom and understanding to study and to believe and to obey Your Word. In Jesus’ mighty name we pray. Amen.

The Bible says that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and everything in it. God’s Word also tells us that everything He had made was very good (Genesis 1:31) Looking around, however, we can see that things aren’t so good anymore. What happened? We will get to that in the new year.

At the end of 2020 we need to ask ourselves another question: What hope lies before us in the future?

Revelation 21:4-5 talks about a bright future that awaits us sooner or later — in God’s perfect timing. God will wipe away every tear from our eyes. There will be no more death, no more sorrow, no more crying, and not more pain. The former things will have passed away and God will make all things new. What a hope for the future this is!

Verse three says that God will dwell with us and that we shall be His people. Yes, God Himself will be with us and be our God.

Are you looking forward to spend eternity with God your Maker?

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Break Up Your Fallow Ground

What a year this one has been! Three more days and 2020 will be over. How have we spent the last couple of days, weeks, and months of this year? What do our plans for 2021 look like?

For thus says the LORD to the men of Judah and Jerusalem:
“Break up your fallow ground,
And do not sow among thorns.”

Jeremiah 4:3

LORD Jesus, we praise You that You are above all. You were in control in 2020, and You will remain on the throne throughout 2021 and forevermore. Help us to stay focused on You and to trust and obey Your Word. Draw near to us as we seek You early each day. In Jesus’ precious name we pray. Amen.

Looking back, reviewing the past couple of months of 2020, many of us have faced similar fears and hardships. Yes, 2020 has brought many challenges into our lives. All of us, at one point or another, struggled to press on in life. And now that we have come to the end of the year we are more or less glad that this one is dealt with.

We are at a crossroad, in transition from 2020 to 2021, and so it is high time to do a faith reality check. How much have we neglected to look after our own spiritual well-being in 2020, in 2019, in 2018, and in all the years before? Has the ground of our hearts begun to harden? Is there a bitter root that needs to be pulled out? Are we in the process of drying up and without living water running through and out of us? Isn’t it time to sow some seeds again?

For fruit to come forth seeds must be planted. Before the ground is useful for sowing, however, the hard work of plowing needs to take place. First the weeds will have to go!

Let’s break up the fallow ground and do a faith check. Have the cares of this world taken over our lives? Or do things and money deceive us and choke the Word of God?

Sow for yourselves righteousness;
Reap in mercy;
Break up your fallow ground,
For it is time to seek the LORD,
Till He comes and rains righteousness on you.

Hosea 10:12

In 2021 make the reading of the Word of God your first priority.

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