Speaking Another Language

Does your man speak a different language? How do you communicate with each other? You are able to talk to one another by learning to speak your husband’s language and/or by teaching him your own language.

My husband and I are German natives which means we are speaking the same language — um, at least most of the time. God created us different, however; He created us male and female. Men and women, husbands and wives, don’t always speak the same language.

We are living in Ireland, and so we have to speak English on a daily basis. Speaking German has always been common ground for us. English has become second nature to us now. Miscommunication will start, however, if we would try to communicate in French or Italian. My husband went through four years of learning French in school while I made a few attempts in learning Italian. I never gained enough knowledge to make use of the Italian language while my husband does a fantastic job in understanding and speaking French. We are able to have a conversation in German or English but not in French or Italian. 

I love the Italian language. My attachment to it might come from the many summer vacations I spent in Italy while I was young. We’ve had an Italian course on our bookshelf at home, but not one of us picked it up to study the material. Besides, the little Italian, the German, and some English got us through each one of our vacations in Rimini.

I made so many attempts of learning this beautiful language. What kept me from studying it? Laziness, I’m afraid. I was just too lazy to press on and go beyond the frustration level of learning a new language.

Over a year ago God has brought a wonderful family into my life. Their hospitality is amazing and I just love to go to their house and listen to them talk to each other. My friend’s mother tongue is English, but she is married to an Italian. Guess what? Yes, I get to listen to them speaking Italian. I love it, um, even though I don’t understand much of what they are talking about.

Italian Language Course and La Sacra Bibbia in 2020

A few days ago my friend brought me a present from her husband: An Italian intensive language course. I’ve bought the Italian Bible you see in the picture a few years ago, but I’ve never used it much. It’s about time! 

Remember my New Year’s Resolution post about reading through the Bible in 2020? I hope, that by the end of this year, I will be able to read and understand a good selection of verses in my Italian Bible.  

Imagine the look of my husband when I’m throwing new Italian words at him. The expression on his face reads a lot like: What on earth are you talking about? Guess what? If he talks back in French I don’t have a clue what he is saying. 

For our marriages to work we have to communicate to each other. Communication is the key! But how do we speak and understand our husbands language? Find out more in future posts under the category of “Love Your Husband.”

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Bible 2020

Amazing! We are heading with big steps toward the new year. Only a few more days until 2020. Are you looking forward to the coming year? Have you set your New Year’s resolutions yet? Is reading through the whole Bible on your list for next year?

I find it so exciting to read through God’s Word year after year. It’s an amazing experience for me. Reading the Bible is never boring. I constantly discover words and insights that I haven’t seen or thought about before. It’s a matter of approaching the Word in a fresh way each year — expecting God to speak to me through His Word.

How to Read

I start with a prayer — for the LORD to prepare my heart for the reading, for Him to open my eyes, and for Him to give me wisdom and understanding for His Word. Beside my Bible I also keep a fountain pen, a notebook, and a selection of colored pencils handy to make notes and/or highlight some words.

Missed Readings

What if I missed one or more readings? Do I catch up? Honestly? No, not really. Whenever I try to make up leeway I do it for no other reason than to “tick boxes.” That’s not the right motive! Yes, I give my best to stay on target day by day. If I missed a day or two, however, I don’t worry, but will read the Scripture portion of the current day.

Bible Reading Plan

There are only four more days until the 1st of January 2020. I can’t wait to start reading at the beginning again. Our family decided to use the same Bible Reading Plan that we have already used in 2019. It’s a slightly adjusted version of The Legacy Bible Reading Plan (Read more about Bible versions, reading plans, and devotionals on the Bible page). If you would like to follow along please download and print the monthly Bible Reading Plans. (See link in the sidebar to the right.)

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Praying for a Loved One Who is Lost

Are you struggling and going through some hardship right now? Do you find yourself in the midst of a great storm at the moment? Have you lost hope that your husband would never come to Christ? Are you longing to see your prodigal son return to your home again? Do you struggle to get into the Christmas spirit this season? Keep on reading! My prayer for you today is that this post will bring you great comfort and help you navigate through the storm.

One of the ways we can make it through the pain of grief over a lost loved one is by knowing that others will pray for us. Let me share some of the words my precious friend has sent me in an email the other day.

I was praying for you last night. For you and for your son. And while I prayed for your son I also prayed for my own missing sister, and for our friend’s missing son.

A number of things came to mind as I prayed. I thought about how this time of the year makes us all think about the birth of Jesus Christ. And about why Jesus came to earth. He came to seek and to save the lost. The lost like ourselves, before we trusted in Him. The lost like your son, my sister, and our friend’s son. God went to such incredible lengths to seek and save us and He stopped at nothing. Not even the cross. He will not give up on our loved ones. 

It occurred to me that we who have lost somebody have the possibility of understanding a little more of the anguish of our Father about His lost creation. While we lose sleep over one particular person, He never sleeps or slumbers. He watches over each and every one of us, saved or not. Not even a sparrow falls to the ground without Him noticing it. He knows where your prodigal son is and what he is doing. He will not leave him. One day, when you stand before God, you will be able to ask all of the why’s. That’s if you haven’t already found the answers in the meantime. The One who watches over your lost son is the only One who loves that boy more than you do.

As I considered this, another thought came to mind. I began to wonder why it is so much easier for me to believe that God will bring your son back to you than it is for me to believe that God will bring my sister back to me. I realised that it is also the same for the way I feel about my husband. I find it much easier to pray with confidence for God to save other people’s spouses but I find that when I pray for my own husband I see the barriers and the opposition to salvation far more than I see God’s amazing power. 

And I wonder if this is the reason why we are asked, told to pray for each other. It is so hard to pray for our own circumstances. We are so aware of all of the obstacles. We are so conscious of the difficulties. We know all to well that our loved ones have rejected or are rejecting God. And although we know that God is sovereign, we cannot see how there could be a way around these problems. When we pray for someone else, we are more aware of God than of the obstacles. It is easier to believe while we cannot see the storm. 

So I will continue to pray for your son knowing that God can work miracles. And I know that you will continue to pray for all of my situations, where it is easier for you to know that God is sovereign.

Do not lose hope, dear sisters in Christ. Press on! Keep on praying for one another this Christmas 2019 and throughout the coming year. May the LORD Jesus Himself be your Strength as you are facing your own struggles and praying for yours and others.

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