Don’t Despair. Wait on God

Waiting on God is especially hard while we are suffering and facing trials — or longing to bear children. It requires faith and is believing that all things work together for good (Rom. 8:28). 

If God doesn’t move according to our wishes we are tempted to take matters into our own hands. We want what we desire and that needs to happen within our own timing. This is not the way things should work! When do we delay God’s best for us? Is it not whenever we believe that He is not able to perform what He has promised to do?

This morning I read the story of how Abram and Sarai tried to “fix their problem” of not having children (see Genesis 16). It wasn’t the smartest move and brought along a lot of hate and disfunction of the family. 

Why didn’t Abram and his wife wait on God? I’m not sure. Had they focused too much on their age and Sarai’s barrenness? Perhaps. It’s must have been hard on Sarai. Imagine, she was well passed the “normal” fertility age. Yes, God had promised Abram that his heir would come through his own body (Gen. 15:4). Sarai, however, was 76 years old that time. Surely the heir couldn’t come out of her womb, could he? She took matters into her own hands and Abram agreed. 

Now you might be in your 20s, 30s, or even 40s, and longing to have a child. Unless the LORD has clearly revealed that He has other plans for you, keep on praying and praising God. 

I know that this can be extremely hard to accept and if you are desperately longing to have children. I’ve been there. At this time in your life you might not become pregnant at all, already had a miscarriage, had to cope with a stillborn, or lost the child after giving birth. Precious sister, let me advice you: refocus on God and His will for your life. No doubt, it’s hard to wait on Him. Of course, it requires faith in Him. 

How do you pray if you want children, but God doesn’t give you any (yet)? 

The hardest part for me was to get to the point to “accept God’s will” for my life — including if and when I would have children and how many I would have. As a young girl I planned to have four sons one day. Well… I had one that was born alive. All following pregnancies ended in miscarriages. How do you cope if you keep miscarrying again and again? That will be a post for another day. 

Don’t Despair. Wait on God.

Today I want to encourage you to keep on praying. Pray for that child (or that marriage, or that prodigal son, or whatever the situation might be). Don’t lose hope. Trust in God. Remember that His thoughts, His ways, His words are not like ours (Isaiah 55:8-9). While ours are defiled by sin and weakness, His are holy and powerful. Do you believe that by the word of God the heavens and earth and everything in it was made? Why shouldn’t He be able to save and make things new?

Pray and wait on God. Trust in Him. He is mighty!

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What does God say in His Word about us and our duty?

Being a Christian woman what part/s of your life do you struggle with? Have you ever asked yourself if you are spending enough time in prayer and praise? Can you identify with the wife who desperately seeks help to save her marriage? Do you wrestle with thoughts of whether you are a good mother or not? Are you in despair because your house is never as clean as you want it to be, or that your cakes don’t turn out like the ones your friend makes? What about the way you dress? Do you spend hours in front of the mirror wondering if what you are wearing is acceptable? 

I’m writing this post to introduce the (new) category named Challenges. Before I share more about the planned topics, I want to tell you my intention behind this category. 

The posts should in no wise accuse any of us women of wrongdoings, but should make us think and research what God says about us and our duty. I know how much it offends me if a woman is showing off and putting me down. Yes, she might have a degree and I don’t. Her baking products might look as if they had been made in a confectionary. She might sing a lot better inside and outside of church than I do. There is no sign of barrenness, she’s got her quiver full of little ones, and her children are all well-behaved. This woman’s beauty and works might look good on the outside; her prideful correction, however, is far from showing love toward other women. 

I know myself and how much I can dwell on thoughts that don’t challenge me to change but ask me to see faults in others. So while thinking is good, reading and studying God’s Word is much better. Let’s read and study God’s Word together! 

Now back to the category and its topics. What are some of the things that I would love us to read, comment, and think about? I want to challenge us to dig deeper into the Bible when it comes to things we so often dismiss as “not that important”, or “no longer relevant” (old-fashioned) “culture related” (traditions that some practice and some don’t).

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Happy New Year

How did you spent New Year’s Eve in 2019? Did you spent it in the comfort of your home? Or did you meet somewhere with your family and friends? No matter what I hope you had a good start into 2020, and that this year will be a year when you discover and experience the LORD’s blessings in your life.

We were invited and spent the evening with our friends and family. It was a lovely and truly blessed time for us. We celebrated the beginning of New Year at 11 p.m. Why? Because while it was still eleven o’clock in Ireland, it was already midnight in Germany and in Italy. You see, we spent this time at an Irish-Italian family’s house.

Here is a tiny taste of what it was like during the last few seconds of the countdown:

This is the first day of 2020 — a great opportunity to start reading through the Bible in a year. If you need some inspiration or advice please read my blog post Bible 2020 and/or the page Bible Version Used. Or else just read along using the Bible Reading Plans (see sidebar on the right).

This is the plan for January 2020 which includes a reading from the Psalms (usually one per day going through the Psalms twice in a year) and another few chapters in the Bible. Just add “Proverb of the Day” (e.g. Proverb 1 on the 1st of the month, Proverb 2 on the 2nd of the month, and so on) and you will be reading through the Proverbs almost twelve times this year.

2020 is going to be an exciting year! Are you ready for it?

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