Not everyone has the same learning style. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Pick and choose. You will find out what will and will not work best for you and your family. Above all, be creative and have fun while memorizing the Word.


  • Use whichever audio device you prefer (CD-Player, iPod, mp3 player, etc.).
  • Choose a part of the Bible you want to memorize. Select a book or chapter or a couple of verses.
  • Listen to it over and over again.
  • First repeat daily or even a few times per day. Then listen to it every other week or month. Keep reviewing it now and then.

Copy / Writing

Copy the verse into a journal. Hand-written is better than typed. It will sink in more easily. When doing copy work the next time cover the words and see if you can recall them by memory. Work through the text bit by bit. Keep writing the same verse/s the following days. Don’t just write them down once.


Repeating the words over and over again — by listening to them, by saying them out loud, and by copying them into a book — will make the verses get into your mind and sink into your heart.

Following a selection of material you might want to look into:

… to be continued. Please check back for updates.