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Everything about food. How about growing your own? Are you shopping on a budget and looking for advice on how to save money? What about topics that talk about health and nutrition? I can’t give you medical advice, but I can share some interesting findings with you that you could discuss with your doctor. Would you like to find out more about storing and preparing food? On the hunt for new recipes?

Pancake Tuesday

Advertisements of stores in Ireland and shelves in supermarkets reveal the fact that Shrove Tuesday is coming up soon. This year it’s on the 25th of February which is only 7 days away! Say, are you prepared for the special … Continue reading

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The Slow Cooker

In Wednesday’s post, The Right Path, I wrote about the importance of taking time out to rest. As homemaker’s we aren’t always able to just sit down and relax. Cooking for our husbands and children never ceases — unless we enjoy meals … Continue reading

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What Goes Into Our Food

It’s important to know what goes into the food we eat before it comes to our table. Do you read labels in the supermarket? Have you ever done a research on some or all of the ingredients of the foods … Continue reading

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