Devotional Reading


A Method For Prayer by Matthew Henry. This one is amazing! You will be guided in praying through the Bible. It’s available in printed form, as an ebook, and also online. You can read it online at Matthew Henry’s Method for Prayer or sign up for to read daily portions delivered by email. Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening is another great devotional which is also available in book, ebook, online where you can also sign up to receive an email version.

Reading Plans

This year we are partially following The Legacy Bible Reading Plan ​I love the Psalms and I like to read at least one every day. That’s why I have been searching for a plan that will not “just read through the Book of Psalms” in only a few days of the year but will each and every day offer a separate reading of this precious part of the Bible. The Legacy Bible Reading Plan does separate readings in the Psalms but only on three days per week. You might want to give it a try and discover that you will like the plan just as it is. 

As for me, I needed a bit more of a guidance on which and how many chapters to read a day. That’s why I have divided the books into daily reading portions. I also prefer to continually read a psalm per day. So I have come up with a plan that will guide us through the psalms twice a year. (See the pdfs of Monthly Bible Reading in the sidebar.) 

Still looking for another guide to get you through the Bible in one, two, or three years? Check out Ligonier Ministries’ webpage called Bible Reading Plans for 2020 for a good selection of different plans. The website of ESV (English Standard Version) also provides some suggestions at Reading Plans