Coming Soon in 2023

The Book About Dog Training the Biblical Way

God’s Word is not a book about dog training, but it will serve as a proven Guide to the dog owners who take the Bible seriously.

Searching the Scriptures we will find answers to all kinds of questions like:

  • Where do our dogs come from?
  • What is their purpose in life?
  • How should we relate to them?
  • In what ways are we to take care of them?

As dog owners, who also happen to be Christians, we have to know what God’s Word tells us about caring for and training our dogs. Studying the Scriptures and then applying what we know to train our K9s will make all the difference.

Writing this book has been, and still is, an amazing journey. I have learned so much through this experience, and I’m happy to share this with my readers.

All glory to God, the Maker, the Way, the Helper.

Mirjam Fels
Ireland, 2023

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