The Reformed Kitchen – Part 3

And the people said to Joshua,
“The LORD our God we will serve,
and His voice we will obey!”

Joshua 24:24

LORD Jesus we praise You for Your Word, Your Presence, and Your amazing Counsel and Guidance. Thank You, LORD, for sending godly people into our life who will lovingly correct us, pray with and for us, and who will share with us what You have revealed and taught them along the way. Forgive us, O God we pray, whenever we neglect Your Counsel in whatever form You may have sent it to us. Help us to draw near to You, to search the Scriptures, and to stay firm on what Your Word says. Guide us also, dear God we ask, to not only know but also to do Your Will. In Jesus’ precious name we pray. Amen.

After Monday’s blog, one of my readers has sent me an email to let me know that I’m kept in prayer in regard to my problem of discontentment. You know, precious reader, I’m so thankful for the emails I’m receiving from my readers, and I really do treasure them: Thank you, to all of you—my faithful readers—who are taking the time and going through the effort to read my blog posts and, as some of you do now and then, to send me your emails. Please forgive, if I’m not able to reply right away (I’m reading all of them, and I’m working my way through them, you can be sure about that). I appreciate your emails and your patience while you are awaiting my reply. Thank you!

So I did reply to that reader, that all is okay again, and sent this photo along with it:

which triggered another and prompt reaction:

“The red is a bit overpowering!”

I had to smile, and I had to be grateful for this honest answer. You see, while struggling through it all—trying to fix this kitchen in a way that it would turn out okay after all—I tried many styles and many colors. Red has been one of the colors I had tried, but somehow it just would not work. Thinking of it, I probably should have involved you, my dear readers, in all of this?

I’m afraid “The Transformation of the Kitchen” (and conclusion of this series) will have to wait until next week. I promise you, though, that you will be pleasantly surprised about the happy ending.

Serve the LORD your God and obey His Voice today.

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