Business at Home

The Proverbs 31 Woman is amazing, is she not? Yet many of us think that she is just too picture perfect to be true. Also, which woman could afford to stay at home these days? In our time and age, many of us either need to make a living on our own or we have to go to work because our family’s need for a second income. There are just too many bills to be paid, so one income does no longer seem to be enough for the average family.

Due to the pandemic that started in 2020 and went on for at least two years, many people were forced to work from home. This has opened up new opportunities for the ones of us who had always longed to stay with their family while still being able to earn some extra money.

This new category, namely “Business at Home”, will contain blog posts which talk exactly about that: being busy at home, having a home business that will provide a / second income.

I hope you will find one or the other post helpful to get you started with your own business at home.

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