No One But God

Among the gods there is none like You, O Lord;
Nor are there any works like Your works.

(Psalm 86:8)

LORD Jesus, we praise You for You are the Lord GOD, the Most High, Creator of heaven and earth and everything in it. You are the God who is full of compassion and gracious and longsuffering and plenteous in mercy and truth. Hallelujah! Forgive us, O LORD we pray, whenever we turn the other way or whenever we think we have to take matters into our own hands. Enable us to see Your mighty Work, Your Guidance, and Your Protection in our life. Be our Strength and our Help so that they which do not believe may see it and be ashamed. In Jesus’ precious name we pray. Amen.

What has gotten a hold of your thoughts lately? What is it that you are thinking of, and thinking of a lot these days? What occupies your mind and does not let you go — during the daytime and perhaps even while it is night? What is it that you are trying to fix or speed up to lend God a helping hand?

For the last couple of weeks I have been worried about finding a new home. The house hunt felt like a roller coaster ride: going up with each possible move, speeding down whenever things did not work out. Continuously, the rent ended up being way too high, or the house being exceptionally filthy, or, as it happened to be in the last case, it was not possible to get connected to the internet — not ideal, especially in an age when you have to work from home.

You know, sometimes we can get so distracted by unforeseen circumstances; and we can get so involved in bending over backwards to make things “work” (the way we think they ought to be working) that we lose focus on the fact that —

There is none like the Lord GOD,
nor are there any works like His Works!

Stop, look up, and believe that God IS working in your life today.

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