Depending On God

Be my strong refuge,
To which I may resort continually;
You have given the commandment to save me,
For You are my rock and my fortress.

(Psalm 71:3)

LORD Jesus we praise You for You are our Refuge and a very present Help in times of trouble. Forgive us, O God we pray, whenever we look anywhere else but to You for rescue. You are the Creator, and You are the Savior. You alone are able and worthy of saving us from our sins — saving us from eternal death. And You alone, O God, are the only One who is above all powers, all people, all situations. Hallelujah! Enable us to trust in Your Word and Your promises that You are able to perform and work out all things for good for those who love You. In Jesus’ mighty name we pray. Amen.

David acknowledges in this Psalm that God is his strong Refuge, and that he wants to continually turn to the LORD for help. He knows that, without God speaking the Word (giving the commandment), he would have never been saved. And so he says of God that He is his Rock and his Fortress.

Many people, no doubt, want the advantages of the Christian life; many, however, do not want to depend on God continually.

“As long as you are living under my roof, you will live by my rules.” — Ever heard or said that before? It seems to sound reasonable and make sense in the world. Why do even Christians never say much about God’s rules?

It is a matter of headship and submission, isn’t it? What happens under the roof is in the head’s power. All the others have to submit to the rules — or else, move out and find your own place!

To many unbelievers the Christian life sounds like a life full of rules and restrictions — laws that they are not willing to submit to. Of course, they find it okay to live inside the house (the world which God has made) with all its advantages; but they do not want to be reminded that they are living under the roof of the Maker and Sustainer, and so they think that they can live by their own rules. What they do not consider is that the Owner is the One who opens and shuts the door and the One who is in control that fresh air keeps coming in and bad air keeps flowing out of it. Fact is, He is the One who owns the place and who has the freedom to keep it or to destroy it.

Depending on God is a much better choice than to put trust in riches or princes (Psalm 118:8-9), and, depending on God is such a blessing that will guide through many hardships in life.

Do not be ashamed of your dependence on God today.

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