Curriculum for the Christian Homeschool Family

We began our homeschool journey in the 1990s teaching K4 & K5. Finding a good selection of Christian curriculum in the US was no big task. Later on and back in Europe, while homeschooling our highschooler, the search for homeschool materials revealed to be more difficult. So we ended up ordering our books from American publishers again.

Choosing the curriculum for different grade levels and year after year can become a bit overwhelming. Should I order a complete package or pick and choose textbooks and workbooks? Would audio and video lessons be a good choice this year? Which one is the best publisher to order from?

If you are new to homeschooling do not pressure yourself while choosing the materials. There is no such thing as the perfect homeschool curriculum. Choose the one that, to your best knowledge, would work for your family. Then stick to it — at least during the first year.

Be flexible, though, in the way you are working through the material. Meaning, you might prefer to go at a slower or faster pace — depending on how fast or slow your child/ren is/are learning the contents of the lessons. I will talk more about that in future posts. Let’s get back to the curriculum for the Christian homeschool family.

How much Bible and doctrine do you want? This is an important question to ask before ordering from any homeschool publisher. You see, there can be major differences in teachings as there are textbook suppliers from different denominations. Also, books which contain Bible verses here and there have not necessarily been built on a biblical foundation.

There are some really fine materials and correspondence schools for homeschoolers out there, and I will review a couple of them every once in a while. So, please stay tuned.

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