Until the Day Breaks — Press on!

Until the day breaks
And the shadows flee away

(Song of Solomon 2:17a)

LORD Jesus, we praise You, Creator of heaven and earth and everything in it. You are our Salvation. Hallelujah! You are the Rock and the Fortress, the God in whom we will trust. Oh LORD, forgive us whenever we have little faith and doubt the Power and Strength that are within You. Enable us to believe and fully trust in Your Word — for You speak and it is so. Hallelujah! In Jesus’ mighty name we pray. Amen.

This week we read through Song of Solomon. Two days ago, we came across the verse above. Yesterday, these same words were repeated in Song 4:6a. They triggered a song inside of me — a song I have not heard for ages. It is a beautiful song to which I might point you on another day. (It has been written and performed live by a precious sister in Christ and her band, but so far it has not been recorded yet).

The LORD has put the two lines of the two verses on my heart this week, and I felt strongly that I should use them in today’s blog post (which will be the last one for this week).

Somehow these words did not only trigger my singing of my friend’s song, but they immediately made me think of this wonderful verse found in Revelation which says:

And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes;
there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying.
There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.

(Revelation 21:4)

Yes, times have been quite tough since this worldwide pandemic entered our lives. Some of us have been overwhelmed by it — some of us more than others. No doubt about it, it is tough on everyone! But, precious ones, we are not to give in nor give up now. There is hope in Christ Jesus.

Matthew Henry comments on Song of Solomon 2:17 that

[The Church] doubts not but that the day will break and the shadows will flee away. The gospel-day will dawn, and the shadows of the ceremonial law will flee away. This was the comfort of the Old Testament church, that, after the long night of that dark dispensation, the day-spring from on high would at length visit them, to give light to those that sit in darkness. When the sun rises the shades of the night vanish, so do the shadows of the day when the substance comes. The day of comfort will come after a night of desertion. Or it may refer to the second coming of Christ, and the eternal happiness of the saints; the shadows of our present state will flee away, our darkness and doubts, our griefs and all our grievances, and a glorious day shall dawn, a morning when the upright shall have dominion, a day that shall have no night after it.

Press on, precious sister! You need to press on until the day breaks.

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