It Would Have Been Better

And Moses said to the people,
“Do not be afraid.
Stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD,
which He will accomplish for you today.
For the Egyptians whom you see today,
you shall see again no more forever.
The LORD will fight for you,
and you shall hold your peace.”

Exodus 14:13-14

Have you ever been stuck in your Bible reading? I mean, your eyes are moving, you read the words, but nothing else happens; and the passage of Scripture just does not make any sense. Time to give up? Nope!

Psalm 64 and Job 21-22 are on our reading plan today. Honestly? I have been tempted to throw in the towel and skip reading Job altogether this year. It’s just not what I (think) I need to read — not in 2021 and not during this time of a world wide pandemic.

“I will just ignore the Book of Job and only read Psalm 64 today,” I thought. After reading the first couple of verses I took a deep breath thinking that this is not going to be a good Bible reading this morning.

“What could I possibly make or gain out of this? Nothing! My morning would have been better if I had something more exciting to read, something like a part of the Bible that I really like and that interests me. Hm…”

What are you doing — whenever you are stuck in your Bible reading? Any advice?

Would it be better to start anew or would it be best to just postpone the reading until a later time in the day? Does it help to pray again, longer, and more specifically for the reading? Which distractions do we need to deal with before we are able to sit still, read our Bibles, and listen to what God tells us through His Word?

We will get into tips on Bible reading in the near future. Today I would like to ask you: What is it that you are complaining to God about your life? What do you say would have been better if only… ?

What are you afraid of? For what reason/s are you not able — or willing — to be still and wait on the LORD? Do you see — and focus on — the danger that is ahead of you or the one that might be coming after you?

Why not believe that the LORD will fight for you?

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