Great is the LORD

For who in the heavens can be compared to the LORD?
Who among the sons of the mighty can be likened to the LORD?

Psalm 89:6

LORD Jesus, we praise You for Your Faithfulness. Help us to understand, O God we pray, that there is none like You, that You are above all, and that You remain in control no matter what happens. There is nothing that You could not do. You are able to turn around every situation. You are the One who reaches out to touch hearts and minds. Enable us to lift up our hands to sing praises You our God and our Redeemer. In Jesus’ mighty name we pray. Amen.

Who is mighty like our LORD, the God of hosts? Is there anyone beside Him who could still the rising waves of the sea? No! Whose are the heavens and the earth? They are His. Who has founded the world and all its fullness? He did. How about the north and the south — who created them? The LORD our God did. Hallelujah!

Praise His wonders and His faithfulness. Have faith in God!

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