Getting Into the Habit

Give her of the fruit of her hands,
And let her own works praise her in the gates.

Proverbs 31:31

Homemaking is hard work, but its incredible fruit is well worth the pain. The homemaker’s days start early and last long into the night. Work never seems to end: laundry keeps piling up, there is always one who is hungry and asks for the time the next meal is served, the garden needs weeding, wool and fabric are stored to be used for homemade projects, and children need attention and support in doing their homework.

Some of us have not been in the habit of homemaking, but are now called to stay-at-home. Let’s make the very best out of this situation. Look ahead. Now is the time to develop your skills or perhaps to learn new ones. Do some research to find out ways in which you can support your family — inside and outside your home.

A burden? No, don’t think of it that way. Instead, pray for God to show you new opportunities to joyfully serve your family at home.

You might discover a new hobby like knitting, baking bread, or gardening. Perhaps you will find ways and spaces to grow your own food. No garden? Use containers placed on windowsills for growing. Don’t have a green thumb? Um, neither do I. Just give it a go! It’s quite rewarding to watch tomatoes grow from seed to tiny plant to a plant that provides you with juicy and amazingly tasty fruits.

Weeks back, shortly before Ireland went into lockdown, Eamon Ryan suggested to make use our time to grow our own food so when this is over:

“We will have our salads ready to go.”

You won’t catch me quoting politicians a lot here, but after listening to his suggestion I found myself saying: “Yes. Why not?” And I got back into the habit of gardening again.

Make the best use of this stay-at-home situation. Now is a perfect time for getting into or starting a new habit.

How about spending more time to study the Word of God (again)?

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