God Above All

The LORD is great in Zion,
And He is high above all the peoples.

Psalm 99:2

This verse tells us that the LORD God is above all the people. That is of great comfort if we think of a person who doesn’t treat us well. How about the thought that God is above us? What thoughts come to mind when we say that not our will but His will be done? Is it okay with us to do things His way and not ours?

Psalm 99 calls us to praise God, to praise His holy name, to exalt Him, to worship Him for He is holy. That’s easier said than done, isn’t it? If things go well we are in danger of neglecting to praise Him for how wonderfully He keeps working in our lives. Then, whenever hardships come we have to watch out that we do not despair. Praises? It’s hard to give praises while we are in the dark, isn’t it?

We are down on our knees, crying out to Him in hope that He will rescue us out of the misery — Make it soon, O LORD, we pray! How could we stand up tall and firm and give praises to Him while all of this is going on? Does He care? Will He listen?
Will we listen? God speaks through His Word. Do we care about what He tells us to do? His words are not mere suggestions, you know. How about the people in our lives, the ones He has set to rule over us. Will we listen to them? Ouch!

When we come before God we must remember that He is above us in every way. He is God and not man. This is the sovereign God who is high above all the peoples!

Do you love the LORD Jesus? Keep His commandments. 

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