Family Worship

Joshua told the people to choose whom they will (want to) serve. Then he said:

But as for me and my house,
we will serve the LORD.

(Joshua 24:15)

God wants us to worship publicly as members of a congregation, and He wants us to worship in our homes, too. Remember that congregations are made of families. As the family goes so goes the church.

Pray together.

Prayer doesn’t have to be long. It needs to be natural yet sincere. Open and close your family worship with prayer.

Read together.

The whole family should get involved. Instruct the children and encourage them to further study the Word of God. Discuss what has been read, ask questions and check answers.

Sing together.

Choose doctrinal pure songs like Psalms and sound hymns. If you have young children sing simple songs. Sing with your whole heart.

The head of the home leads the family in worship, and the whole household, every single member of the family, will join in. All other tasks have to bow to this. Coming together to worship the LORD is a vital part of a healthy Christian family. These families stand in stark contrast to those who are always in time pressure. It makes a difference when the family comes together not only to watch sports or play board-games but to collectively seek the face of God and receive His blessing.

What if it’s a broken family?

Only the LORD Jesus can fill the void left by a bond that has been broken through divorce or death. Christ is always and remains always the covenant head of the home.

Take care of your family and the way you worship at home. 

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