Christian Worldview

I will hear what God the LORD will speak,
For He will speak peace
To His people and to His saints;
But let them not turn back to folly.

(Psalm 85:8)

F.B. Meyer wrote that God wants our emptiness and He wants us to make room for Him. With many of the distractions gone at the moment giving God room has become much easier. Time spent with the LORD is so crucial these days.

Anxiety rises after watching the news and discussing with others what could happen (to the people, the economy, the world) in the future, doesn’t it? That’s why we need to avoid these things as much as possible. Turn off the news or bring down the time of watching or reading them to an absolute minimum. Find Christian focused sources to gather your news. For less media-driven secular news on the coronavirus you could visit your nation’s government website, too.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 says that: There is nothing new under the sun. So while we do inform ourselves on what is happening in the world around us, we know that the LORD God of hosts is above everything — including time and space. Nothing surprises Him and nothing is beyond His control. Our times are in His hands (Psalm 31:15) and before we were even formed in the womb our days have been written in His book (Psalm 139:16) Hallelujah! What a comfort that is, isn’t it?

Listen to this verse:

Righteousness will go before Him,
And shall make His footsteps our pathway.

(Psalm 85:13)

Jesus went before us. We need to follow in His footsteps and the pathway that leads to heaven.

Hear what God the LORD will speak. Read His Word today!

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