Renew Your Strength Day by Day

They go from strength to strength;
Each one appears before God in Zion.

Psalm 84:7

My husband looked up from his Bible this morning and said: “You know, this is a beautiful psalm we are reading today.” I just love it when he triggers that curiosity in me. Then I have to hold myself back and keep quiet — waiting on him to share his thoughts with me.

Encouraging thoughts and strength — just what all of us need these days! This reminds me of a time when we did not have a local church to got to, and so we attended an online church. (More in today’s third post)

It’s Friday, 10th of April 2020. This also happens to be Good Friday. Easter — a major Christian holiday — is right around the corner. Ireland is in lockdown since two weeks. We have to stay at home. The only reasons we can leave the house is to go shopping, to attend medical appointments, or for exercise within 2km of our homes. There is no end of the current restrictions in sight. In fact, the government is pretty sure that the lockdown will continue for another two weeks. Oh my goodness!

If I will focus on the fact that we are facing another two weeks of lockdown then I’m starting to faint. However, if I deliberately break up this timeframe into fourteen days then the burden becomes lighter. Seriously! Tomorrow will be another day, and the day after tomorrow will be another day.

More importantly, though, than living life day by day is to live life in the Strength of the One who hears our prayers, who is our Sun and Shield. He is the One who will give grace and glory; the One who will not withhold good things from those who walk uprightly.

Here is something I wanted to share with you today. Listen to the dad sharing the history behind this song. If you want to read the lyrics or sing along you will find them at Day by Day (

Draw near to God and trust in Him — going from strength to strength.

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