In the Online Church

How is it possible to meet in an online church environment? Years ago we were not able to attend a local church. We went to an online church instead, but this experience has been a tremendous blessing for us. Since a few weeks our local church is also meeting online. The following are just a few random thoughts I would like to share with you today.

Singing — Different in online meetings

You might not be able to sing with your brothers and sisters in Christ, but the one who is at the mic could read the lyrics out loud or have song/s played back for all others to hear.


Each online church has its own way of delivering the sermons to the congregation. Some have their pastor record the message and the members can watch/listen to it online. Others might use one of the online apps to preach “live” during the meetings. Perhaps it is a good idea to record the live message and to upload and share it with others later on.

Pray — Privately and Together

Praying out loud, sending a prayer by audio file, sharing prayers through emails — these are all ways we can come together to pray. Of course, we prefer to gather in a building; however, we are living in different times now and have to be a bit more creative. Let’s take every opportunity to encourage one another! Use one or the other technique to bless a precious sister in Christ by praying for her today.

Trust in the LORD God of hosts!

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