Do Not Lose Heart

Give us day by day our daily bread.

Luke 11:3

Whether it be cleaning the whole house after we had neglected it for a long time or studying all information at once for an upcoming test: If we focus on the big burden that is set in front of us we will quickly lose heart. I’m sure you agree that it’s always best to keep on top of things. And how do accomplish that? We have to tackle it bit by bit.

Now this, the pandemic that is going on at the moment, is quite a different situation. But the principle of tackling it bit by bit works as well. If we look at the humongous mountain of restrictions — and how we have currently lost our freedom — we will lose heart! Two days, two weeks, two months of lockdown seems just too much to bear. How will we ever survive and make it through the coming days? By taking it moment by moment and day by day.

Day by Day — Keeping focus on the LORD Jesus!

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