No Matter What

God is our refuge and strength,
A very present help in trouble.

Psalm 46:1

In a time of trouble and uncertainty where do we seek help? When times get tough do we despair and want to give up our hope we have in Christ? If so, why?

Normality of Life

Could it be that we have been too full to seek Him? Filled with all the hustle and bustle of life? We get up in the morning — taking it for granted that we are able to. Rushing to work and school we get upset over the traffic jam and the way people are driving their cars — taking it for granted that we arrive safely at our destination. At the dinner table we complain — throwing away some of what has been provided and craving after more tasty food. Throughout the day, until late in the evening, we long for amusement — filling our minds with all sorts of things. We turn off the light at night — trusting we will wake up to the next day.

State of Emergency

It literally happened overnight, didn’t it? All of the sudden we are in a state of emergency — the whole world seems to be. What happened? We are still getting up in the morning — asking ourselves in what state we are in. Nobody rushes to work or school — we keep safe and bored at home. Dinner has changed a lot — and so have the essentials. The usual place and source of amusement is out of reach for most of us — the way of entertainment has changed dramatically.

Do We Still Seek Him First?

In every state of mind, whatever the present time and situation, do we seek Him as we should? Have we made it a regular habit to meet with Him every day? Do we love the LORD? Meditate on His Word? Sing praises unto Him? Pray/Talk to Him always — no matter what times we are in?

Love the LORD and seek His presence. Life up your prayers and praises unto Him. 

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