Food Laws in the Old Testament

In my post The Food Which God Recommends I wrote

Keeping all or some of the dietary laws of the Old Testament will not get us into Heaven! So why keep them? For health reasons? Or why else?

God created the earth and all its people. Psalm 100:3 says

Know that the LORD,
He is God;
It is He who has made us,
and not we ourselves;
We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.

The Maker knows what He has made! If we make a cake from scratch we are the creator of that cake. God makes people (that is made clear, not just in Psalm 100 but throughout His Word). So, wouldn’t He be the One who knows what is healthy and what isn’t for our bodies?

God in His infinite wisdom has given us guidelines on how to keep the human body healthy. Remember: we are not to keep the dietary laws of the Old Testament to gain access to heaven! Fact is, one that is on the road to heaven (because of what Jesus Christ has done for her) will not have access denied because of eating the wrong things.  Then why keep the food laws?

Some of you say, That’s Old Testament law and no longer relevant for us. We are allowed to eat everything now. Okay. You made your point. But let me ask you: Would you choose to hunt a rattle snake, kill, fry, and eat it? Hm…

Others may say, Even that I’m smoking cigarettes, I’m still saved by Jesus Christ. True. Now let me ask you: Would you say that you might get to heaven sooner than a non-smoker? If so, could that be a disadvantage in any way?

Why won’t we listen to what God says but instead wait until some medical research has proven what our LORD has said all along? If we would argue from a pure medical point of view we would see that many of the laws that God established are still valid (good for) today.

The Bible tells us not to eat “unclean” animals or fish that have no fins and scales, or the fat of cattle, sheep or goats. Medical researchers have found out that these store hormones and toxins and parasites which are damaging to the human body.

High blood pressure is a major health issue these days. Did you know that 3-Omega fats help to lower blood pressure? Guess where they are found? In food that God suggests to prefer: in fish and meat of animals which are considered clean.

No male Christian is required to be circumcised to enter the Kingdom of heaven. Yet, God established this law in the Old Testament. So why keep it today? A study shows that the circumcision will cut women’s cervical cancer risk — and even slows down the spread of HIV/AIDS? (Please research online or ask an medical expert on that.)

Don’t do this because I said. Please hear me: If you haven’t found Him yet, diligently seek the LORD with all your heart. Pray. Search the Scriptures. Trust, love and obey Him.

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