On my About page, here at MirjamFels.com, I give you a few insights into my work as a writer and translator.

Biblical Womanhood and Homemaking are subjects that are very dear to my heart and I love writing about. The term Biblical Womanhood is all too often misunderstood and/or not well explained. The same goes for Homemaking in light of what the Scripture says.

God always knows best. He has not left us — helpers/wives, homemakers, and moms — without any counsel. It’s all in the Bible. If we would only pray and ask Him for help and then read God’s Word and seek answers from the Scriptures.

Yes, I admit, sometimes I wish He would have given us more specific, more detailed advice in regard to certain areas of marriage, homemaking, and child training. Starting from scratch and finding out things through trials and errors is quite frustrating. That’s why it is so important for us — the older women — to pass on our knowledge and wisdom to the young women.

Home Education is another topic which I’m highly interested in. I’m not making a principle out of it — neither condemning nor pointing my finger at parents who chose not to homeschool their children. They surely must have their reasons. I find, however, that Christian homeschooling, is the best method to teach a child. So you will hear my heart’s cry for it on this website — especially since I believe that every Christian family should have at least heard and research about it once before they are making their (final) decision.

The Emerald Isle is truly a special place to live. My husband and I moved to Ireland in 2010. Blog visitors who are capable of the German language can read more at 4inIrland.

Dogs and their handlers capture my attention a lot. That’s why I like to read more about dog training. As a Christian I’m interested in books written from a Christian perspective. So far I haven’t found any on this particular topic. Well, the few I have found are basically non-Christian ones that might have thrown in a Bible verse here or there.

Due to the lack of available books on this subject I’m challenged to write one myself. The LORD opened my eyes to let me see what His Word has to say about dogs, their handlers, and their relationship. He has lead me unto various detours many times during my research and writing. Writing this book has been a fascinating journey for me so far. I know, that once it is completed, the book will be a blessing to some of you dog owners.

I do appreciate all the prayer support I can get for this project. Thank you for praying!

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