Valentine’s Day

Do you and your husband celebrate the 14th of February, making this a magnificent day for each other? Yes? Happy Valentine’s Day! No? You don’t have to wait until the next one is coming up in 2021. Instead, take time to make days special for you and your husband throughout the year.

What would be so extraordinary on a typical Valentine’s Day?

Some celebrate with a fancy dinner at their favorite restaurant or by cooking a special meal at home. Others, who are having more money available, might surprise their spouse with a stay at a luxury hotel. Then there are the ones who buy gifts like pralines or flowers or a ticket for a sport event. Whatever the case, we like to go beyond everyday life and make this day a “perfect” — or nearly perfect — day for us as a married couple.

What about throughout the year?

I don’t remember the title of the book but it surely wasn’t one about marriage. The author devoted a chapter to time management. In that particular part of his book he shared that he keeps one day off. It’s a day that belongs to him and his wife only. They will go for special meal and/or on a day trip or spend time shopping together.

I found this a great idea and shared that thought with my husband. Yes, we have put the thought into action and set apart one day of the week for us.

What about throughout the months, weeks, days?

On the other side, I thought, why couldn’t we make every day a special day — at least in some way? It doesn’t take much. All it takes is to cook his favorite dinner (now and then), buy a chocolate bar or another sweet or savory snack for him, surprise him by welcoming him with a hearty hug, kind words, and a smile. And then there is: just being content. Ouch! A hard one, I know. But important! In fact, so important that I will pick up this topic again in one of my next posts.


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