What Goes Into Our Food

It’s important to know what goes into the food we eat before it comes to our table. Do you read labels in the supermarket? Have you ever done a research on some or all of the ingredients of the foods you and your family like to enjoy?

Allowed/Choose to Eat Everything?

This is a hot topic especially amongst Christians. Our family avoids certain foods. Discussing that with others I surely stepped on some toes.

If that’s the case we couldn’t eat anything.

We have the freedom to eat most of the food that’s available today. We just have to eat in moderation.

Dietary Laws of the Old Testament

What things we can and we cannot eat, however, is not for discussion here. Not in this post. I don’t want to claim we are allowed to eat whatever we want; nor do I say that we shouldn’t eat certain foods. There is so much more to it than handing out a list, saying, These are the things you are ‘free’ to eat and these are things you are ‘not allowed’ to eat. I will talk about this in future posts.

Check the Label

What I’m emphasizing in this post is that we should know what we are eating. Yes, some of us are in the habit of checking calories, fat, cholesterol, protein, and carbohydrates. But, please, do look further down the label where you will find the list of ingredients.

Research Ingredients

Write down ingredient after ingredient on a piece of paper. Do a research on each one that is on your list. Find out its source; is it a naturalĀ or a mechanically produced ingredient? How does the human body absorbe it? What reactions and side-effects are known after consuming this ingredient? Then decide whether or not you continue to buy products that contain certain ingredients.

Don’t be surprised how much you will want to avoid certain foods from now on. Please don’t get frustrated and think that there isn’t much left that you can eat. I’ve been there. Yes, I know it’s hard to find and cook healthy these days. Yet, it still is possible. How? Check back for more advice and recipes in future posts.

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