What comes to your mind when you read the word Budget? Living on or shopping on a tight budget? Struggling with debt? Keeping your finances in order? Saving for your next car? How about budgeting our time?

Is time management for today?

True, our modern household appliances cut down the time we spend washing dishes and clothes. We don’t have to be home to start the cooking: we can set the timer of the oven. No need for us to drive to the supermarket to get food; these days we can have it delivered to our door. If we aren’t keen on vacuuming the home ourselves, we will let the robot vacuum do the job.

On the other side, there is so much more going on in our lives today. Our family homes have more space to keep tidy and in good repair and are filled with more stuff to clean and maintain. Communication is available through more mediums and at more places — it’s everywhere. We attend more events and participate in more sports and other activities. Not to mention all the entertainment we are exposed to.

It is important that we manage our time! We have to be realistic and choose well who and what we will give our attention to. How?

Here is a quick list to get you started:

  • Make a list of tasks and events.
  • Prioritize
  • Create a schedule and stick to it as much as possible.

About Mirjam Fels

Born in Germany and called in the US to be a child of God in 1992. I'm now living in the Sunny South East of Ireland where I enjoy being a helper, homemaker, and writer. Some of my hobbies are baking breads and apple crumble cakes, knitting socks, crocheting things for the home, and sewing. I love to write about biblical womanhood, dog training, home education, and writing — all from a Christian perspective.
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