Today — Procrastination and Time

Have you made a list of your new year’s resolutions for 2020? We are eight days into the new year, and it’s time for a reality check! Can you keep up with the things you planned to do this year? So far only a few days have passed; however, as the proverb goes: Procrastination is the thief of time. 

Was du heute kannst besorgen, das verschiebe nicht auf morgen (Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today). I’ve heard these words over and over again, at home, in school, and later on at work. My dad used to express it a little different: Mach’s gleich, dann ist es weg (Do it right away and it will be dealt with). 

I try my very best not to delay my early devotions. It’s because I know that I usually “forget” about them as the hours of the day pass by. Did you read God’s Word today? Or did you postpone it to a later time? Don’t delay, precious one. Make it a daily habit to meet with the LORD as soon as possible. Even if it’s only for a quick prayer, the reading of a Psalm (or another short passage), and the singing or humming of a hymn. 

It’s so important, dear sister, that we are seeking Him, for it is only in His Strength that we can face the days. If we are going through hardships there is none like the LORD Jesus to guide and protect us. 

And, if you have not yet met Him, please:

Seek the LORD while He may be found. Call on Him while He is near. (Isaiah 55:6 NKJV)

Today! Don’t procrastinate any further. The proverb which says There is no time like the present is so true. Beloved, God’s Word urges you that Today, if you will hear His voice do not harden your heart. Have you heard His voice? He is calling you. Believe in Him and seek Him! Seek Him with all your heart and you will find Him!  

About Mirjam Fels

Born in Germany and called in the US to be a child of God in 1992. I'm now living in the Sunny South East of Ireland where I enjoy being a helper, homemaker, and writer. Some of my hobbies are baking breads and apple crumble cakes, knitting socks, crocheting things for the home, and sewing. I love to write about biblical womanhood, dog training, home education, and writing — all from a Christian perspective.
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