What Does God Say Our Duty Is

What does God say in His Word about us and our duty?

Being a Christian woman what part/s of your life do you struggle with? Have you ever asked yourself if you are spending enough time in prayer and praise? Can you identify with the wife who desperately seeks help to save her marriage? Do you wrestle with thoughts of whether you are a good mother or not? Are you in despair because your house is never as clean as you want it to be, or that your cakes don’t turn out like the ones your friend makes? What about the way you dress? Do you spend hours in front of the mirror wondering if what you are wearing is acceptable? 

The post should in no wise accuse any of us women of wrongdoings, but should make us think and research what God says about us and our duty. I know how much it offends me if a woman is showing off and putting me down. Yes, she might have a degree and I don’t. Her baking products might look as if they had been made in a confectionary. She might sing a lot better inside and outside of church than I do. There is no sign of barrenness, she’s got her quiver full of little ones, and her children are all well-behaved. This woman’s beauty and works might look good on the outside; her prideful correction, however, is far from showing love toward other women. 

I know myself and how much I can dwell on thoughts that don’t challenge me to change but ask me to see faults in others. So while thinking is good, reading and studying God’s Word is much better. Let’s read and study God’s Word together! 

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2 Responses to What Does God Say Our Duty Is

  1. Christine says:

    I have a challenge.
    How (and why) to forgive and continue forgiving even when there is no repentance or apology or change of heart from the other person

    • Mirjam Fels says:

      You are not alone, precious sister. I’m facing the same challenge.

      How to forgive? By heaping coals of fire on the person’s head. Easier said than done, I know. In tough situations we have to remind ourselves of Romans 12:14-21, though. A book I was really challenged by that explains this passage of scripture so well is called “How to Overcome Evil: A Practical Exposition of Romans 12:14-21” by Jay E. Adams.

      Why? Because God tells us to do so. I’m thinking of “The LORD’s Prayer” where we ask God to “forgive us our sins, as we forgive everyone who is indebted to us.”

      How? I wanted to come back to this again. Some people challenged Jesus and asked: Who can forgive sins but God alone? He answered them that “the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins.” Without Jesus it is impossible to forgive. With Jesus nothing is impossible to forgive. Remember that the person who has wronged you, has not sinned against you but against God. Eventually s/he will have to repent — best before the end will come…

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