Hello and welcome to MirjamFels.com

I used to write two other blogs. AbleToPerform was mainly about home education and life as a writer while TheChristianHomemaker used to be about biblical womanhood, headship and homemaking in the light of God’s Word. I have now merged them into one new website, namely MirjamFels.com

By the way, you can read more about the author of this website, Mirjam Fels, at the About page.

Why merge the two blogs into one? Because of my frustration with the numerous maintenance and technical issues I ran into over these last three years. I always thought that hosted sites are easier to deal with than self-hosted ones. That’s why I didn’t even consider a different kind of web hosting. I thought that self-hosted websites must cost a lot more than the hosted ones. How wrong I was! (More on that a little later on — in a separate post.)

Over these past few days my husband decided that the time had come to switch and get solid web hosting. He researched, looked up and compared the possible hosting plans, and he decided to go with the web host we are at now (more on that in one of my future posts.)

Please bear with me and check back often for new content. Thank you!

About Mirjam Fels

Born in Germany and called in the US to be a child of God in 1992. I'm now living in the Sunny South East of Ireland where I enjoy being a helper, homemaker, and writer. Some of my hobbies are baking breads and apple crumble cakes, knitting socks, crocheting things for the home, and sewing. I love to write about biblical womanhood, dog training, home education, and writing — all from a Christian perspective.
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